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Celebrating 20 Years of Celebrity PR ▪️WHO WE ARE | UPR   Signature  is the Signature Services Division for Our Elite Clientele. As a company owned exclusively by the partners of Urban Public Relations, we focus on our Clientele that require specialized services in addition to traditional PR. Our foremost operational principles are discretion and distinction.  ▪️WHAT WE OFFER |  In the Signature Division, our services are fully determined by our client's needs. We have removed our traditional menu of services for our Elite Clientele and focus on "At Your Service" offerings.                    ▫️24 Hour Consulting and Servicing                     ▫️8 Hour Notice For Travel Availability                     ▫️1 Hour Immediate Client In-Take                    ▫️Personal Celebrity Handler Assignment  ▪️WHO WE SERVE |  Our list of Elite Clients remains strictly confidential. This gives our clients the freedom to ASK ANYTHING and us the freedom to ANSWER t

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